Connect to the community on Discord

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Stay connected with the wine community between lectures!

Discord is very similar to Slack or MSTeams. It will allow you to connect with the wine lovers within your community as well as other supporters of the Veni Vini Amici Wine outreach. Come follow along with the fun!

+Keep up with your wine education in the 2021 Course Channel

+Never miss a deal with the Wine Promo Channel

+Laugh and enjoy community generated/curated memes

+Share your memorable bottle moments in our Bottle Shot

+Ask your pressing wine questions in our Open Discussion 

+Never miss an event by adding the Google calendar! The Bot will inform everyone the day of an event

You will be given access to your specialized community after you indicate your group in the "start-here"

Please take a few minutes to download the desktop app or the phone app and interact with our Discord page. We hope to build this community over the years and make it something special. 

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