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Backyard Prosecco Tasting!

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

May 25: Memorial Day Celebration! 3pm (ET)

Memorial Day is a holiday that started in 1868. It’s origination: to honor the military personnel who had died while serving.Many of our modern day traditions of enjoying this day, the opening of pool season, BBQ smoke, 70deg weather (with minimal humidity), many of these things are disrupted this year, we can’t deny that, but we can still celebrate together, virtually!

UPDATE JULY 4th Independence Day!

This is a Happy Birthday card to a nation that has allowed me to have wonderful experiences

Join me this year on Memorial Day in my backyard with a bottle of crisp and youthful Prosecco. Of course we are going to discuss some nerdy details about Veneto, but to learn and to enjoy is to live.


Mechanism 1: YouTube! Search for “Wine Broski” on Memorial Day and click the Live Stream.

+   Web-based viewing - Easy to login & easy to share

+   Can interact via chat

+   Better visual and audio experience

- Attendees cannot share voice or webcam

Mechanism 2: WebEx

+   We can see your beautiful faces and hear your melodious voices (Bonus points for cool backdrops)

Specific Prosecco being tasted!

Please email your photos of your celebration to

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