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Fall Wine Club Wine & Dates

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Rose Lecture Tonight (10/8/2020) 7:30P EST

Youtube Login: Search "Wine Broski"


Event number (access code): 199 903 2222

Event password: 72wtQ84FjJT

Thank you to all those who attended our summer lectures! We have really hit a good stride and are excited to move onward to the fall season of virtual wine tastings & Lectures. We are working on a new studio to bring you the best in wine tasting entertainment! Our last lecture of the summer season was an interview lecture with Virginia's own Boxwood Winery out of the Middleburg AVA. They have treated us so good over the years and it was a great time to celebrate international cabernet day with them!

On to the Fall Season!

Its official! We have our wines selected and an online distributor to ship them directly to your door! After months of cold calls, discussions, and negotiations, 'Wine Till Sold Out' will be hosting our wine club orders!

Please check out our fall wine selection

I am not making a commission on these purchases, instead you can get $5 off your order with code "VVA" at checkout

Order 4+ bottles and get free shipping! I'm so happy they ship to almost every state, including NJ and MD.

We finally feel confident that our YouTube streaming is reliable and a great way to enjoy the lectures. Feel free to form your own Zoom or WebEx calls with your close friends and family. Follow along with us and our interactive tastings where you can see what your friends are thinking in real time. At this time we don't have a YouTube moderator and therefore won't be able to respond to the chat live, but feel free to interact with others on the stream. Please let us know in the comments of the YouTube stream if you're having fun and any questions you have; we will respond to any questions.

Amazingly awesome questions will be discussed at the start of the next video!

Save the Date:

[Fall Wine Order] Oct 6: Frosé PartYaY!

[Fall Wine Order] Oct 8: Rosé Lecture

[Fall Wine Order] Oct 29: Portugal Lecture

[Wine TBD] Nov 15: Abruzzo & Molise

[On Your Own] Nov 19: BoJo Nouveau Day

[Fall Wine Order] Dec 10: Tour de Crémant

[Fall Wine Order] Dec 31: Vintage Champagne Toast

[Wine TBD] Jan 12: Dr Frank Guest Lecture & tasting

[Fall Wine Order] Feb 3: Zinfandel - Old World Vs New

[On Your Own] Date TBD: Pinot Meunier Day

Save the Date:

Feel free to use the #'s below on Facebook and instagram with pictures of your party!

Tag me @VeniViniAmici

Oct 6: Frosé PartYaY!

Its the end of the fiscal year and time to blow off a little steam! Join us in our backyard (weather permitting) as we blend up some Frosé drinks. I'll share my insider information about how to make failproof cocktails. Hint: Constantly making good cocktails isn't about knowing what goes together, but how to fix terrible cocktails that go terribly terribly wrong!

Interactive: VVA WebEx

Streaming: None

Everyone is encouraged to rock out your end of summer attire!

#Froséday #PartYaY #Brosé #VVA #PTOS

Oct 8: Rosé Lecture

We will discuss the different methods of making this deliciously enticing, pink-hued drink. An overview of typical tasting notes that can be expected from Rosé based on the climate of a region will be laid out. When it comes to 'drinking wine' that is just sheer enjoyment, Rosé is always near the top!

Interactive: Official PTOS WebEx

Streaming: Youtube channel "Wine Broski"

#Roséallday #Saignée #DirectPress #VVA #PTOS

Oct 29: Portugal Lecture:

I am so excited to be able to get these bottles for us to try! Portugal is making some amazing wine that has layers and layers of complexity. When it comes to 'thinking wine' you would be hard pressed to find a better wine for the price. We will have a single varietal Touriga Nacional and a field blend so we can compare the influence of blending. Don't be worried if you've never heard of these grapes because they are native varietals to the country; trust me that these will be remarkable bottles and I'm excited to try these.

Interactive: Official PTOS WebEx

Streaming: Youtube channel "Wine Broski"

Everyone is encouraged to dress up in your halloween costume and post online!

#TourigaNacional #DuoroWine #VVA #PTOS

Nov 15: Abruzzo & Molise

Every year the DC area Abruzzo & Molise Heritage Society hosts an annual luncheon and wine pairing event. This year's event has to move to the virtual frontier and VVA has risen to the call to provide a virtually engaging event! We are still ironing out the details about wine selection, but there is a high probability we will be joined by a producer in the region. I hope to find out first hand about the journey of a producer trying to break into the international market.

Interactive: Private Heritage Society & Friends

Streaming: Youtube channel "Wine Broski"

#AbruzzoWine #MoliseWine #VVA

Nov 19: BoJo Nouveau Day

Pickup a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau from your local wine shop and login! We will be drinking wine and hanging out. This is a casual hangout where we drink wine that often has the tasting note of "bubble gum".

Interactive: VVA WebEx

Streaming: Youtube channel "Wine Broski"

#BoJo #BeaujolaisNouveau #VVA

Dec 10: Tour de Crémant

The most popular lecture has always been "Bubbles From Around the World". Although we aren't able to sample 6 different bubbles this year, we can still be together and enjoy this festive time!

We will discover these crémant wine. Don't worry, its just a fancy way of saying "Sparkling".

Interactive: Official PTOS WebEx

Streaming: Youtube channel "Wine Broski"

Everyone is encouraged to dress in your glittery best and post a picture or come on Webex!

#GlitterParty #Bubbles #VVA #PTOS

Dec 31: Vintage Champagne Toast

Happy New Years!

This is a casual meetup with no formal lecture. We will just be cheering and toasting.

Feel free to share a story with the group. If you have something you want to share (art or video or playing a musical instrument) please contact me ahead of time and we will showcase your Covid-Hobby!

Interactive: Official PTOS WebEx

Streaming: Youtube channel "Wine Broski"

Everyone is encouraged to wear their New Year's Best! We will be rock'n Velvet!

#NewYearsChampagne #VintageChampagne #Champs #VVA #PTOS

Jan 12: Dr Frank Guest Lecture & Tasting

There is no better way to celebrate this day than by having an interview lecture with Dr. Konstantin Frank vineyard. The details are still being worked out so fingers crossed that this dream will become a reality. Special packages will be made available for us to order directly from them online and mailed to your door! I've proposed drinking their amazing Riesling and their Blanc de Noir.

Interactive: VVA WebEx

Streaming: Youtube channel "Wine Broski"

@DrFrankWine #FingerlakesWine #VVA

Feb 3: Zinfandel - Old World Vs New

Before the lecture starts we will discuss white zin, and never again shall it be uttered! We are going to pit "Primotivo" vs "Lodi" in a battle of the Zins! Lets investigate if there is a difference between old world and new world as we taste these two wines made from the same grape, grown worlds apart.

#ZinBattle #OldVsNewWorld #VVA

TBD: Pinot Meunier Day

Pinot Meunier is a wine that has typically been used as a blending grape, specifically in Champagne. It is recently being produced as a single varietal and it is awesome! You can find it in still and sparkling. Pick up a bottle when you see it, preferably in bubble form, and prepare for the impromptu Pinot Meunier Day!

The Pronunciation of "Meunier" is found in the Wine Bible to be "Moon-YaY". Thats right all you crypto Hodl'rs, MOON YAY! That is why this is now dubbed the official drink of bitcoin and crypto currency. Pinot Meunier Day will be declared when the price of BTC crosses the all time high of $20,000/BTC.

#MoonYaY #MoonYaYDay #MoonBubbles #VVA

Thank you and looking forward to adventuring with all of you over the next couple of months!

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