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November Newsletter

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Due to technical difficulties, this blog post was deleted.

Oct 29: Portugal lecture and Costume party

Nov 5th: Decadent Dessert Date Pairing @ 7P

Nov 15: Meet the Producer: Campi Valerio Molise, Italy @ 1P

The event will be live streamed on YouTube:

Zoom-Please have your WebCam on:

Meeting ID: 860 7261 4558 Passcode: 483612



Regretfully, we cannot meet in person at Casa Italiana this year for our

popular wine-tasting event. Instead, AMHS’s annual event will be a

virtually guided wine lecture and tasting hosted by Veni Vini Amici,

including an interview with Molise producer Antonio Valerio, owner of

Campi Valerio in Monteroduni, live-streamed from Italy! So please join us

on November 15, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. EST. Details on how to join the event,

via Zoom, coming soon - keep an eye on your email, as well as the

Society’s Facebook page and AMHS calendar of events.

Our host, Stephen Yanuck, has been conducting educational wine-themed

lectures since 2018. Both Stephen and his partner Beth have received

certificates in wine education and continue their education and studies of

the vines. Since March 2020, they have held monthly streaming tasting

lectures where the focus is on the soil, terrain, history, culture and even

pop culture. Their passion for wine and desire to bring good vibes to the

world helped them become a 2020 Wine Spectator Video competition

finalist for their video (“A Tale of Three Wine Bottles”).

Meanwhile, in the region of Molise near Isernia, archaeological evidence

discovered in 1978 that shows us the first signs of humankind in Europe

during the Paleolithic period 700,000 years ago. It is in this cradle of

civilization that Antonio Valerio’s family has been making wine since 1836.

Along with the 14 hectares of vineyards at Campi Valerio in Monteroduni,

the family cultivates 30 hectares of olive groves, as well as raises 250

cattle and 2,000 sheep on the remaining 450 hectares. In all their farming

activities, they pay the utmost attention to nature and its sustainability. (For

related article on Monteroduni, see page ___ of this Notiziario).

Antonio Valerio describes this land as “a place that must be cared for with

heart and soul.” He has been leading a renaissance in wine from Molise.

With 60% of the production being exported, his focus has been on quality

and bringing an authentic return to native grape varietals and classic

viticulture techniques.

These are the specific wines we will feature, all produced by Campi Valerio:

 2019 Fannia Falanghina del Molise

 2016 Calidio Rosso Del Molise

 2016 Sannazzaro del Molise Riserva

These wines are available at Calvert Woodley Liquors, 4339 Connecticut

Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C., and curbside pickup service is available.

Two of the wines suggested for the tasting (a white falanghina and the red

Sannazzaro) are also carried by A. Litteri, 517 Morse St NE, Washington,

DC 20002. If you wish to order these wines, we suggest you do so early.

So please join us on November 15 and let’s discover Molise through the

stories of wine.

Nov 19: BoJo Nuvo Hangout

Dec 3: Cremant Lecture

Jan 12: Meet the Producer: Dr. Frank Fingerlakes, NY

It's my birthday celebration! Dr. Frank has extended an industry discount for us. They will join us on this day to chat about the history of Dr. Frank and the current harvests of the Finger Lakes region

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