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Updated: Oct 31, 2020

We are reaching out to you because of your social community that has an overlapping interest with wine. We provide free wine lectures & guided tastings through covid in order to promote physical distancing, but social connectedness. You are invited to add our events to your groups calendar to engage with your community during this increased virtual era. Please tune in Oct 8th at 7:30p ET on Youtube to see our wine lecture on Rosé and let us know if you think this is something your members would be interested in. 

Veni Vini Amici is our motto which means "We gather, learn of wine, and become friends" This time may require physical distancing, but not social distancing!  We would like to help you keep connected to your community and provide content to facility connectedness. Below you will find links for our Fall wine selections as well as our schedule. All of our lectures will be streamed on YouTube. We envision your group can add our lecture to your calendar of events.  Your members can purchase wine from our custom wine portal at Wine Till Sold Out Alternatively, your members can pick up equivalent wine from their local shops.  Everyone tunes into the same live stream. Afterwards, your moderators can host a Zoom, WebEx, Google Meetup to discuss the wine and topics. The lecture acts as an engaging ice breaker! Typical lectures are 20-30min long. We also host lectures with specific wineries like Boxwood Winery: Middleburg AVA, Va

Future winery interviews in the works: Campi Valerio Molise, Italy: Discussion on small regions breaking into the international market Dr. Frank Finger Lakes, NY: Discussion on the history of wine in America Teutonic Wine Company Portland, Or: Discussion on the recent fires of California/Oregon

Who we are About our host Stephen, @Wine_Broski, had his first introduction to wine at university where he was able to get credits for taking a wine education course! In 2018, he started a wine lecture series to build a community at his office. Since distancing guidance was given, the lectures pivoted to a virtual space to have virtually guided tastings and lectures. Stephen and his co-host Beth received their WSET II certificates, a wine certificate that verifies they know what they are talking about. Currently both are actively studying for their CSW certificate while hosting lectures. The lectures mirror the educational content of their studies which result in an engaging lecture that is more than a sip society that relies heavily on wine producer notes. The lectures dive into the geography, culture, pop-culture, history, art, and a myriad of other categories.  1. Meet the hosts by watching this video: Video Finalists: 2020 Wine Spectator Video Competition "Wine at home" "A Tale of Three Wine Bottles" Share in the secret thoughts of three wine bottles as they contemplate their uncertain future and find adventure in the home of two oenophiles.

2. Advertise to your community to tune into "Wine Broski" YouTube on the Below Dates [Fall Wine Order] Oct 8: Rosé Lecture [Fall Wine Order] Oct 29: Portugal Lecture [Wine TBD] Nov 15: Abruzzo & Molise [Wine TBD] Nov 19: BoJo Nouveau Day [Fall Wine Order] Dec 10: Tour de Crémant [Fall Wine Order] Dec 31: Vintage Champagne Toast [Wine TBD] Jan 12: Dr Frank Guest Lecture & tasting [Fall Wine Order] Feb 3: Zinfandel - Old World Vs New 3. Use promotional material from link to encourage engagement and collection of similar wine And here is the promotional blog post which includes the specific dates and topics Wine package for your members to have wine shipped directly to their front door! Free Shipping on 4+ bottles. Promo code "VVA" to get $5 off Current Fall Wine Package 4. On the day of the event: Host a Zoom-like room for your community to join to discuss and connect over the content provided.

Let us know if you are interested or have any questions.  Thank you for your time and consideration.   We hope you'll join in the fun!

If you'd like to donate to show your appreciation, We humbly accept

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