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Save the Dates! Upcoming Virtual Wine Happy Hours!

Updated: May 19, 2020

The first virtual wine lecture was a HUGE success! People from all over the country tuned in to learn about Australia's Barossa Valley Shiraz.

Thanks to my good friends in Denver for tuning in and sharing your picture! I love it when I get to see your setup and making the most of these events! Please share pictures by emailing or Instagram: It is so awesome to see everyone.

The next lectures will be hosted on WebEx through PTOS as well as Youtube on my channel "Wine Broski". More info to come on that.

This post is meant to be a save-the-date(s) and to allow everyone ample time to get the same wines! I heard positive reviews from those that were able to get the same wines and follow along in our last tasting. is offering free shipping on orders over $99 on "Winery Direct" with code "DELIVERY99". I picked wines for the upcoming lectures that will qualify so we can all drink the same bottles.

For those planning to pickup in Virginia, feel free to try to use Promo Code "3814" at checkout to save 15%, let me know on instagram if it is working.

May 25: Memorial Day Celebration! Pop Prosecco

If we can't be slip n sliding across the park or down a water slide, let's party together with bubbles! Prosecco is such an affordable, wonderful beverage that will go with whatever food you have planned to grill up for Memorial Day! We will compare two Prosecco of different price points and briefly chat about the grape, region, and history. Stick around and I'll saber a Costco Champagne! Looking forward to celebrating this holiday by pop'n bottles with y'all!

June 11: Reds of Spain, 2015 Edition

Spain is most known for Tempranillo, specifically from Rioja. But what are other values can we find in Spain? Let's check out Monastrell (Mourvedre) and Garnacha (Grenache)! These wonderful red wines from Spain are a great bang for the buck and definitely worth learning more about. We will also be discussing the 2015 vintage for Europe.

For PTOS members at the Alexandria office, our first lecture back will be about Spain, so this an intro into the world's third highest producing wine region.

June 25: Boating along the Loire River

France is a beast when it comes to wine!

Bordeaux, a great go-to for steak pairing

Burgundy, pretty uncontested "World's best Pinot Noir".

Cote du Rhone, likely the best Syrah in the world, and definitely great value red blends from the south.

Champagne: Oh the parties...

But Loire?

The Loire river is the largest river in France, with a 300mi West-East stretch from the middle of France to the Bay of Biscay (Atlantic Ocean). This river provides a plethora of wine growing regions. One cannot sum up the Loire region of France in just one lecture, so we won't even try! What better way to get the most of a region than to jump right into its heart and poke around?! We will discover Chenin Blanc, one of my personal favorite wines, and Cabernet Franc, the parent to both Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon!

July 9: Wine & Chocolate

Wine pairings are a thing that everyone talks about, but maybe you're a skeptic. Sure a delicious steak and a robust wine go together; the math of "Good + Good = Good" checks out. But do wines really add more?

Prepare to have your mind blown!

This lecture does require a little extra effort in preparation from all of you! In addition to a bottle of Brechetto d'Acqui, we need to all have purchased or prepared desserts.

Please have a dessert similar to: Chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce and whipped creme

Cupcakes with chocolate, raspberry, or cream themes

July 23: Bordeaux Exploration of Whites & What is Semillion?

"I don't drink white wines"

"I only drink red wines"

"Does Bordeaux even make white wines?"

We have these virtual meetings to help cure the disease of the above statements!

White wines are a wonderful tool to test the senses as the nose and pallet are more distinct and identifiable compared to red wines. Aromas leap out the glass and ignite your senses, acidity dances on your tongue, and your pocket book typically won't catch fire.

We will have two Entre-Deux-Mers whites, one of Sauvignon Blanc and one being a blend of Sauv Blanc and Semillon. Put your senses to the test and be a champion if you can find elements that are different AND elements that are the same!

Fun Fact: Did you know that aroma is the smells of a wine derived from the fruit but bouquet is reserved for the smells derived from process of fermentation and aging?

Aug 6: White Wines of Italy

Its a journey to pass the CSW Exam and as a candidate, we'll be in the middle of a 16 week rigorous course to learn everything about wine. In the thick of it, we will take this week to share the information we are learning about this region! Additionally, we will compare the different education certificates in the wine world and discuss the definition of "Somm".

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