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Spanish Reds beyond Rioja

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

It is undeniable that the United States is a crazy place right now. I don't begin to have any answers, but we're still here to help build a community that focuses on the adventure and discovery of wine. Positivity and edification is our binding glue, let's embrace it!

Welcome to Spain!

Spain is the world's third largest wine producing nation with amazing history and culture.

June 7th Hottub Happy Hour

2017 Patòn-Clemente, La Mancha, Tempranillo Crianza

Trader Joe's $4.99

Is this wine an amazing value? Only time will tell! Join me in my backyard for Hottub Happy Hour while I drink this wine and tell you some tales from Spain.

June 9th Jefferson Manner @7:00P

2013 Trossos del Priorat, Priorat, Lo Món

UnWined Alexandria $29.99

Starting this week is a Jefferson Manor exclusive, Bottle O'Wine Club. What better way to connect with your neighbors than over a bottle of wine! I'll provide a brief overview of the vintage, region, and vintner before we open up the meeting to a casual tasting club where participation is encouraged!

So happy to get to know my neighbors better and to be able to connect with them!

June 11th Live Stream @7:30P

2015 Bodegas del Rosario, Bullas, Tesoro de Bullas Monastrell

Total Wine $13.99

2015 Altavins, Terra Alta, Domus Pensi Grenache Red Blend-Reserve

Total Wine $19.99

Spain is most known for Tempranillo, specifically from Rioja. What are other values can we find in Spain? Let's check out Monastrell (Mourvedre) and Garnacha (Grenache)! These wonderful red grapes from Spain are a great bang for the buck and definitely worth learning more about. We will also be discussing the 2015 vintage in Europe.

Tune into the (recording) Live YouTube:

My fellow colleagues at PTOS will be on a WebEx conference call to have a post-stream discussion about the wines. This is a great way to ask questions and get nerdy about Spain!

YouTube: Wine Broski

Instagram: VeniViniAmici

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