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Newsletter Post: Update on all the craziness!

Some may say its like a snowball rolling down a hill building up momentum. I think its more like trying to ride a tiger, I have a general idea of what I want the end to look like, definitely tip-toeing through the details, and just rolling with the adrenaline

...and if it all works out, its going to look FREAKING AWESOME

2020 Wine Spectator Video Competition Finalist

'A Tale of Three Wine Bottles'

Voting opened until Sept 24, 2020

Share in the secret thoughts of three wine bottles as they contemplate their uncertain future and find adventure in the home of two oenophiles.

Just because social distancing was required/strongly suggested doesn't mean the shenanigans need to stop! Over the summer of 2020 I started to use my phone to take videos of all the crazy ideas I could think of to pass the time. This helped promote a hobby of video editing to bring the video entertainment value from a two to an ELEVEN!

In the middle of 2020, Wine Spectator Magazine announced they would host a video competition with the prompt "Wine at home"-what has wine meant to you at home. I knew I had to enter! I already had so much good footage and content in my camera roll. Some of the clips had already been edited to usable form.

A special shout out to my partner in crime's mother for all the discussions on how to bring the clips into a story telling form. Empowered with a good direction, I got to script writing. Knowing my capabilities of videography and editing helped the process by setting the limitations of what film I'd have to use in this project. Another shout out has to go out to Unwine'd, Revel wine bar, and Whiskey & Oyster for letting me get the footage I'd need to make an actual story.

Enjoy the video below, but please vote if you're reading this before Sept 25!

When the Voting is over, please still check out the video on my YouTube channel.

And remember, Like & Subscribe

Fall Wine Schedule & Internet Shipment

The pivot to virtual settings from the conference room came with some growing pains. From the beginning it was important for me to host a live conference with a specific group, but also to make the content available on YouTube for everyone. The technological hurdles have been overcome and now we are moving into the fall! I love hearing stories of groups that form their own parties, in person or virtual, and all tune in on YouTube to enjoy the guided tastings & lectures. Please feel free to comment during the event or on the upload afterwards to let me know how you liked it or any questions/comments.

During the summer lectures, it was communicated to me that having the wine I'm talking about is more enjoyable and connective. So I got to work! I contacted numerous online and local retailers to see if they would be able to ship wine direct to anyone who wanted to view the fall lectures. I have to applaud Wine Till Sold Out for their customer support. They didn't brush me off as being too small and my list of demands were not too great for them to handle! They are able to ship direct in almost every state, they created a web portal specific for us, and they gave everyone who uses the promo code "VVA" an additional $5 off. I'm so pleased with the packaging and the prompt service of this company! For the wine list and for the schedule and details about the lecture

You don't need the specific bottles above to enjoy the lectures, but it has been reported that the lectures are more engaging when you are drinking along with me.

*Note: This is not a commission engagement. I've set this up for everyone at the cheapest price possible because consecutiveness during this time is the most important.

Winery Interviews

In 2008 my mother put together a special birthday outing for my father that included a private tour of Boxwood facilities. I still have memories of Rachel showing up in boots with the fur and a skirt to take us on a tour; don't remember too many other details from that visit other than the boots. In 2019, I organized a trip of 40 to boxwood winery and they rolled out the red carpet for us.

Now in 2020, with everything going digital, Boxwood took the time to sit down and chat with us about their lives in this era of social distancing and crazy climate impacts on the harvest. This was an amazing opportunity to try out being an interviewer and it went amazingly!

I am currently in talks with two other vineyards to host this same style of lecture where we get to hear first hand about life on the farm.

I'll be hosting the 2020 annual convention for the DC area Abruzzo & Molise Heritage society.

Sunday Nov 15 @ 1P EST = 7P CEST

Everyone will be able to view the event on my YouTube channel "Wine Broski"

You'll be led on a virtually guided tasting of at least 3 wines from Campi Valerio from Molise, Italy. We will be joined by the producer Antonio Valerio and discuss his journey to the vines and to the world. Let's learn about Antonio's background and thoughts as he is "Bringing the excellence of Italian winemaking to the people you love". We'll enjoy stories and wine together! Stick around till the end of this lecture & guided tasting to ask your questions.

We are working out the details for purchasing the wine for this event...

DC Locals will be able to shop at Calvert Woodley

Internet sale discussions through WTSO are ongoing, stay tuned!

This promotional video was made by Campi Valerio, enjoy!

As if all this wasn't enough...

Also in the works is a winery interview with Dr. Frank Winery out of the finger lakes. The tentative date is Jan 12, 2021 because what better day to have such an awesome interview and toast with fancy American made bubbles than my birthday! I hope you can all join the party.

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