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Welcome to the 2021 Wine Lecture Series

Updated: Jan 20

Veni Vini Amici 2021 Wine lecture series!

The 2021 wine lecture series will touch on all major wine growing regions of the world as well as some more obscure wines. We will explore wine varietals beyond Pinot Grigio & Cabernet Sauvignon. Each month there will be a live virtual lecture that is accompanied by a more detailed blog post; pay attention because there will also be quizzes!

Don't worry about trying to hunt down the specific bottles we will be drinking. We have a contact in the distribution wine world that will deliver the wines directly to your door! But if you prefer to do your own shopping and wine selecting, that is perfectly fine. Our lectures focus more on the context around our wine and less on debating mango versus nectarine; we will also provide the wine themes so you can select your own bottles to drink along. It is always interesting to hear about the similarities and slight nuances of wine from the same varietal, vintage, and region.

Welcome Cornell Alumni Society, your journey starts now!

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Event 1: Feb 20 at 5:00PM - We will explore wines around the lower half of Burgundy!

Event 2: March 30 at 7:30PM - We will explore the impact of regulation on wine in Italy

Event 3: April 27 at 7:30PM - We will explore the isles of Italy!

Click here to see an example of the virtual lecture, blog post, and quiz

Slide deck from Cornell Class 08 Council Meeting Jan 19, 2020

About Veni Vini Amici:

Working at the same job for about a decade really inspires some reflection. After looking back fondly on the Cornell Wine Course, I thought to myself, why not try to recreate that experience with my current coworkers. 2018 started my journey to seriously get into wine. Knowing I needed to build my foundation in the wine education, I signed up for the WSET II exam. Studying and putting on lectures for my peers kept me a good pace of learning and producing content.

Covid caused me to pivot the lecture from the physical to the virtual and in this regards, life is pretty great! We can connect from across the globe to learn about wine together and to discuss our senses. Every lecture has a box order from an online distributor that will ship wine direct to your door.

The beauty of these lectures, however, is that you do not need the specific bottles we are drinking to enjoy the content! Each lecture is about 85% a myriad of topics from geography, climate, soil, history, culture, pop-culture, and super deep nerdy science. The other 15% of the lecture is about the wine. Even when we discuss the wine, I'll guide you through the typical tasting notes for the varietals we are sampling. It is a goal of mine to be more than just a typical sip society. We aren't in the business of selling wine so there is no reason to get too into the weeds about any one bottle!

Whether you are looking to start learning about wine at a deeper level, desire a connection with wine lovers of your community, or just looking for something fun to do to bridge the gap

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