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Fall Wine

We are working with to organize our wine shipment for Fall 2020! Order all the wine or pick and choose, 4+ bottles gets free shipping. "VVA20" Promo Code for $5 off order

"VVA100" for $20 off $100 order

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Folk Lore 




Wine Spectator 2020

"Wine at Home"


Share in the secret thoughts of three wine bottles as they contemplate their uncertain future and find adventure in the home of two oenophiles.

Wine Lectures

Each pin represents a lecture or event! 


Journey of Appreciation

Wine is nature and labor, locked in time, to be released and enjoyed. My appreciation
of this wonderful gift began more than a dozen years ago, in a viticulture class at my
alma mater. Since that time I have pursued the adventure of wine through accredited
courses as well as by applied self-study.

Now in my early thirties, I want to do more. Several months ago I began hosting wine
classes for a growing circle of friends and business associates. These tasting seminars
blossomed into mutually creative experiences, and broadened our appreciation of wine,
amity, and belonging. Now I wish to share this connection with you -- help you and your
community explore wine in a curated manner, to build viticulture knowledge, self-
development, niche relationships, and .. well .. the wine will take care of the fun.
Do you think your community would appreciate me as your wine guide? I look forward
to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Stephen Y.