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Deep Dive with Learning Materials!

There are wine experts that have grown up with and dedicated their lives to the various crafts of wine. My background is in engineering and research. I will never make a claim to know more than any of these amazing wine experts, but my ability to research a topic thoroughly and present the absolute best highlights in its regard; now that is something I will tout about.

This Blog post is a living document! I'll keep it updated to the new materials that rise to the level of epicness worthy of talking about. Feel free to reach out to me at to let me know of other media worth reviewing.

But first...the Music!

[ Check out the Spotify playlist]

These songs contain lyrics that are blatantly wine themed as well as more obscure.

Please message me on Instagram @Wine_Broski with any songs for consideration to be added to this playlist! The more obscure or punny, the better!

Build your foundation

These are the books that will help be your guide and reference from your every day drinking wine.

When you pop a new bottle, look up the tasting wheel with wine folly, look up the region in the wine atlas, and dive deep with wine bible and the CSW study guide!

Become a cork-dork

These books are used to dive very deep into the science behind wine. The oxford companion is a vital resource to look up obscure terms and regions.

Nice Niche Books

Modern day wine production

Theory and brain function behind wine

A really deep dive into VA win, first to wine state!

Coffee table books

The pictures are wonderful, the concepts are cursory, and the pages feel wonderful. These books are perfect for your coffee tables to show off your love of wine to your house guests!



Get started with your wine adventure by watching these movies that show you the behind the scenes of the wine world.

Blockbuster Production

These modern day movies highlight wine. Great story telling

Romance Movies

These movies may contain wine themes.

Everyone loves a good romance in the vineyards.

The Obscure...

I havn't even seen all of these yet, but they are on my list!


Elizabeth Schneider

Look for "Grape Miniseries" where she discusses individual grape varieties.

Her interviews are some of the best content!

She recently released a book "Wine for Normal People", but I have not yet seen or read it yet. It is likely a great introduction to the wine world.

Donations are appreciated! Thank you for your tips.

Wine Access Link

Stuck at home and want great wine delivered to your door?! I choose Wine Access. Their selection of wine is awesome and each bottle comes with a printed description with short story as well as tasting notes.

If you'd like to chat with me about what wines you should be ordering, contact me and I'll set aside time to discuss your needs to help you discover the best wine on their site.

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Last Bottle Wine

Last Bottle Wines offers one wine at a time until it is sold out! Any sparklers go insanely fast, but you can find some really interesting and great values on wines from this site. This is a great game that feels almost Pokemon-esque. The shipping isn't the fastest and you need to order more than one bottle at a time to get free delivery; perfect if you're trying to start a cellar!

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First Bottle Wine

First bottle wines is a great stop to find some really special wines.

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