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Meet The Producer: Antonio Valerio of Campi Valerio in Molise, Italy

Updated: Nov 19

Join us Sunday Nov 15 at 1PM EST for a meet the producer event!

Info on how to watch:

My YouTube Stream:


Meeting ID: 860 7261 4558 Passcode: 483612

Wines discussed:

 2019 Fannia Falanghina del Molise

 2016 Calidio Rosso Del Molise

 2016 Sannazzaro del Molise Riserva

Are you on Instagram or Facebook? Show us your virtual setup!

@Wine_Broski @_CampiValerio_ #Molise #MoliseWine #VVAWine

No worries if you missed the event but want to enjoy it! We recorded!


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